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Anti-Parkinson Association


Who are we?

Anti-Parkinson Association is the main nongovernmental, nonprofit and apolitical organization that struggles to defend the interests of the 72 000 patients with Parkinson disease. Established in 2006, in the city of Deva, Hunedoara County, it has over 550 members, 350 of whom are affected by this illness, 20 volunteers and one employee. Nationally and internationally active, the Association supported numerous local associations (București, Buzău, Tg. Mureș, Cluj) both financially and advisory, collaborating in the interests of all patients for its purposes.


What are our goals?

What do we actually do?


Further information about us:


The association is registered in the register of organizations and foundations in Romania with the number 4402 / A / 16.06.2006.

By Decision No. 58/20.11.2007 of the Commission for Accreditation of Social Services Providers in Hunedoara county, namely by the Accreditation Certificate, Series A nr.0008059 the Association has been accredited to provide social services with primary character.

The association is affiliated to both national and international organizations. It is a full member of the Association of Rare Diseases in Romania, European Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson Disease Foundation - USA, Michel J Fox - USA, Parkinson Association of the Rockies. It is frequently invited to participate in national and international congresses.

In the five years the association has been distinguished  with numerous diplomas such as the one in 2009,  Special Award "Carol Davila", in 2010 " The Most Active Association Of Patients' -The doctors college  in Romania, in 2011- Award For Outstanding Individual Contribution.  People for People Gala edited three books, an anniversary envelope and 2 editions of the newspaper “Red Tulips Honorably Representing Romania at Congresses”.



Address: Bd. Dacia, Bloc 29, sc.A, et.1, ap.7, cod 330106, Deva, Hunedoara
e-mail: dan_raican @, 0745 231 153 – Dan Raican, president.         

C.I Nr.41995/18.04.2006 C.F No. 18828414    

BCR Account Deva RO20RNCB0160054235850001


Through its president Mr. Dan Raicani, the Anti-Parkinson Association is known as one of the most active associations in the country, an association that struggles for its people and also gets involved in projects and campaigns dedicated to its patients. Engineer Dan Raicani, who retired in 2003, is the founder and president of the Association of Deva Anti-Parkinson, which he founded in 2006. It is the leading patient organization for independent, nonprofit, apolitical organization that represents and defends the interests of the 72,000 Parkinson's patients in Romania.


Dan Raicani himself suffers from Parkinson since 1999. Despite his own struggle with the disease for years, this didn’t make him give up, quite the contrary. For his involvement in numerous projects dedicated to the sick, in the recent years he has received several awards and distinctions. Recently, in the middle of the previous month, he was awarded at the Gala "People for People 2015", one of the most important events in Romania in promoting a culture of philanthropy. Also, at the end of November, he was awarded the grand prize at the competition „PR Award”.